Odor corporal

Body odour is a typical issue. You can generally treat it yourself.

How to deal with body odour yourself


  • clean your underarms, groin and feet a minimum of two times a day with soap and dry completely
  • shave your underarms frequently
  • utilize antiperspirants and antiperspirants
  • modification and clean your clothing frequently
  • wear natural materials like cotton, wool and silk
  • wear anti-bacterial socks


  • do not consume excessive strong smelling or hot food
  • do not consume excessive coffee or alcohol

You can ask a pharmacist about

  • more powerful antiperspirants
  • underarm or sweat guards to safeguard your clothes
  • foot powders for sweaty feet
  • soap replaces that are gentler on your skin

Find a pharmacy

Non- immediate guidance: See a GP if you have body odour and it has actually not improved after treating it yourself and:

  • it’s impacting your self-confidence
  • you observe a modification in how it generally smells
  • you unexpectedly start to sweat far more than typical

Treatments from your GP: If you have extreme body odour and sweating, your GP might recommend:

  • more powerful, prescription antiperspirants
  • injections in your underarms to lower the quantity of sweat
  • surgical treatment to get rid of the gland

Causes of Body Odour

Things that can make body odour even worse consist of:

  • workout
  • heat
  • hormone modifications
  • being obese
  • having a condition like diabetes, kidney illness or liver illness
  • particular kinds of medication, such as antidepressants

Body odour might likewise be connected to extreme sweating and foul-smelling feet.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) upgrade: how to get in touch with a GP

It’s still essential to get assist from a GP if you require it. To call your GP surgical treatment:

  • visite o site deles
  • utilize o aplicativo do seu médico local
  • chame-os

Find out about utilizing the your local doctor throughout COVID-19

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