Erection problems are not easy to solve. It is often down to many different factors that can affect your sex life. Increasing a man’s libido can be solved in several ways. Many people think that ordering Vardenafil or buying Cialis is the solution, but if your libido is not high, an erection enhancing drug cannot help you either.

Read everything about men libido

What is always wise to do is to talk to each other a lot about it. If you don’t talk to each other about it then there will never be a solution. For every problem there is a solution. If it’s a psychological problem then that can also be solved by talking to a therapist.

If the problem is testosterone, then it can be solved with pills that the doctor can prescribe. But maybe it has a completely different cause, like boredom for example. Then maybe it’s a solution to start exploring other forms of sex with each other. In any case, it is important to enjoy each other at all times.

What is the libido and how can I increase it as a man?

By libido is meant, the degree to which a person craves sex. You may not always feel like making love and may no longer be truly open to it. The desire for sex is a more important factor than the willingness to have sex. You open yourself up to respond to sexual stimuli just buying erection pills alone won’t solve the issue long term, while often for short-term purposes they are a great solution.

If you often don’t feel like having sex or even have no desire for sexual activity at all, you may have a libido disorder. With this problem, men often do not get an erection and women do not get aroused. Often thinking about sex is already too much for that person. While sex is actually very good for your immune system, your heart and good against stress.

Libido man

Many people often think that men always think about sex and always feel like it. Of course, this is not true for everyone. Some men like to brag about their sex life. These are often the younger people, the older generation here you don’t talk about so often. As you get older it can become increasingly difficult to produce testosterone. This can often be annoying for both the man and the woman. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to this problem these days. For example, it is of course possible to opt for order kamagra this will give you a helping hand and you may be able to have sex more easily without worrying about your erection.

Sexual organs

If you only look at the genitals, men and women are similar. Basically what can be seen on the outside in the man is on the inside in the woman, not visible. The upper part of the penis, the glans, is a very sensitive part of the penis and is full of swelling bodies. When the man gets excited, a lot of blood flows to these corpora at once and then the man gets an erection. In a woman, it works basically the same way, as blood also flows to the vaginal corpora in the vagina. And then the vaginal walls become moist.

Is your erection fine and do you suffer from premature ejaculation? This can of course have several reasons, but here too a solution has been found by a few clever people. Nowadays you can take Dapoxetine or Priligy to delay ejaculation. Many men suffer from this problem and it can have quite an impact on your sex life if every lovemaking session lasts only 1 minute.

Low libido in a man

Low libido in a man can have several causes . Some of them are explained below:


If a man does not feel good about himself he has less desire for sex. This could be because things are not going well financially or he has problems at work. This can result in a low libido.


Another problem may be fatigue or stress. Things may not be going well at work or difficulty raising children or even financialës concerns may result in this problem. It can all affect your sex life and that of your partner, are you looking for products that might help with these issues? Then make sure to check the online pharmacy without receipt to get the best products for good prices.

No desire for sex because of traumatic experiences

It may be the case that someone has had bad experiences with sex in the past, this can have big problem for your later sex life. Maybe someone has been abused or it was a forbidden word in the past. This too can have a big impact on your sex life when you are older. What can be another problem is that you are not on the same page with your partner regarding your sex life. For example, one may want to have sex several times a week and his/her partner may not want that at all.

Some other factors that can play a role in a man’s low libido are:

  • Having physical complaints and/or illnesses
  • Using medication which effects your erection
  • An addiction to alcohol can also result in a low libido
  • There is not enough testosterone being produced by the body
  • Irritations or boredom
  • You no longer feel attraction to your partner
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