Polykací pilulky

Lots of individuals discover it difficult to swallow pills. There are things you can attempt to make it much easier and a pharmacist can use recommendations.

How to make it much easier to swallow pills


  • take pills with water– you can take some pills with other beverages or food. Always checked out the direction brochure
  • lean forward somewhat when you swallow
  • practice swallowing with little sugary foods or little bits of bread– attempt larger pieces as swallowing gets much easier


  • do not toss pills towards the back of your throat
  • do not tip your head back excessive when you swallow– this can make swallowing harder
  • do not squash pills, open pills or modify your medication without getting medical recommendations– this might stop the medication working correctly


Do not attempt these ideas if you likewise have trouble swallowing food and beverage (not simply pills), as you may choke. See a pharmacist or GP for recommendations.

A pharmacist can assist if you can not swallow pills

A pharmacist can recommend you about:.

  • other variations of your medication that may be offered– for instance, you may be able to get it as a liquid or dissolvable tablet
  • squashing, dividing or opening tablets and pills– this need to just be done on their recommendations

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Causes of swallowing issues

Problems swallowing pills can be due to:.

  • worry of choking– this can make your throat tense and narrow when you attempt to swallow
  • a dry mouth
  • basic swallowing troubles (dysphagia) — for instance, due to a condition such as a stroke